Third party SDK's

This page contains links to unofficial third party SDKs for integrating with Slyk.
The below SDKs have not been developed by Slyk and Slyk takes no responsibility for their use and does not provide support.

Available SDKs


Go langague SDK for Slyk made by Monoji
A monoji is a way to reward your team, friends and family with an ecard + virtual currency or with an emoji or even monoji points on Slack.
Monoji makes it easy for teams to incentivize and reward collaboration on popular messaging and remote work platforms, including Slack, Discord, and Microsoft Teams.
Monoji uses Slyk to make monojis possible, each user in Monoji is represented by a wallet, by using Slyk API Monoji transfers funds between users/wallets automatically as soon as the tasks is marked as completed on the Monoji website.
If you want to increase this list, we are actively looking for developers to contribute Slyk client libraries for a variety of platforms and languages. If you have written a library, please share a link to the github repository with us at [email protected] so that we can promote it here, and collaborate with you on its further development.
Found a dead link or outdated/deprecated SDK.