Webhook configuration

In this tutorial you will learn how to manually configure PayPal web-hooks.
If you struggling to make PayPal communicate with your Slyk you can configure web-hooks manually.
Make sure you're in "Live environment"
Entering live environment
Under the “Live API credentials” in the “LIVE Webhooks” sections click “Add Webhook”
  • Copy the below url in the “Webhook URL”
  • In Paypal In the Header under the “webhook Url” paste the content from above step
  • In the “Event type” radiogroup search and check “Checkout Order approved”
  • Click Save in the bottom of the event list:
  • One more thing you need to check, in the last section “Live App Settings”:
Check “Accepts payments” which allows you to receive funds.
The remaining options are optional but it can help you in the future, especially “Customer disputes” which will allow refunding your users.
  • Click “Save”

Congratulations, you now have configured web-hooks in your PayPal account.

If you are still facing issues , please contact us at [email protected]