Coinbase Configuration

This page will help you get your coinbase integration up and running in your Slyk.


Coinbase, Inc. provides data and transaction processing services. The Company offers digital currency wallet and platform for general transactions and it serves customers worldwide.
Coinbase is a digital currency exchange headquartered in San Francisco, California. They broker exchanges of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Tezos, and many others, with fiat currencies in approximately 32 countries, and bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries worldwide.
This tutorial will enable communication between your Coinbase account and Slyk in order to enable near-real time transaction visibility in your application.

Step by step configuration

1 - Login to your Slyk dashboard.
2 - Click "Settings" in the left menu
3 - Click "Payment Methods"
The next screen will list the available payment methods for your default currency, you should be able to see Coinbase with two available options:
Choosing Coinbase configuration
Your default asset must be configured in any crypto currency accepted by Coinbase in order to Coinbase appear in the list.
Please contact us in case you're struggling.

Manual vs Automatic (connect) Payment processing

As you can see, you can use Coinbase in Slyk in two different ways:
  • Add your email: This is the manual payment processing, you will receive a notification in Slyk when your users intend to pay using Coinbase but you have to manual confirm the funds actually received.
4 - Login to coinbase
5 - On the top right corner click in your profile and click settings
6 - Click “API access” tab
7 - You now should see the menu related with API keys and OAuth2 enabled applications, click “+ New OAuth2 Application” button
8 - Fill the necessary field according with the below table
What you should insert
Application Name
Your application's name. This is shown for users authorizing your application. Must be unique.
Website (optional)
Your application's publicly accessible home page. Optional
Brief description of your application. Shown for users when they are authorizing the application.
Monetize your network
A square icon which is displayed on the authorization page and in the user's list of authorized applications. Please use a 120x120px or larger image.
You can download here
Permitted Redirect URIs
Enter one URI per line. When using OAuth, only these redirect URIs will be permitted. For more information, check coinbase documentation
Copy the “Permitted Redirect
URIs” from step 3
Notification URL
Webhook for notifications. Optional. For more information, see coinbase documentation
Copy the “Notification URL” from step 3
Developer Name
Name of the individual or the company behind the application.
Developer Web
Developer's website. Optional.
Which of the following categories best describe your application?
<your choice>
Do you anticipate offering any of the following services?
Read carefully and choose wisely.
9 - Don’t forget to tick “I understand and accept Coinbase's Additional Terms for Developers”
And click “Create Application”
10 - You will see a summary of the newly created application
11 - If you still have Slyk dashboard Coinbase configuration page opened just continue to the next step, if not, please go back and redo steps 1 to 3.
12 - Copy from coinbase summary (step 9) into Slyk dashboard.
Make sure you copy the “Client ID” field to the correct corresponding field.
Please be careful while copying using the "Copy" button provided, sometimes it doesn't work properly.
13 - Click “Authorize”
Note: if you get a "Page Not Found" error in this step, similar to the screenshot below, please confirm the keys pasted into Slyk dashboard.
Hint: it can't have a space in the beginning of the string.
14 - You’ll be redirected to Coinbase to authorize Slyk payment.
Click “Authorize” one final time.
15 - If everything works as expected You should see a success notification.
Not able to configure your coinbase integration?
Contact us in case you need any help at [email protected]
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