Before you Start

Key Resources

You can access and manage all of Slyk’s functionalities via the Slyk Dashboard, or integrate it into your website using our APIs and SDKs.
Users can access their Wallets through the Slyk mobile app or directly on your website via simple web integration.

Slyk Dashboard

The Slyk dashboard is your starting point. That’s where you manage your Slyk and set the rules of your own economy.
The dashboard is also where you can:
  • Create and manage API keys
  • Set Slyk access rules
  • Select Slyk features
  • Configure payment methods available to users
  • Select supported currencies and assets, or create your own
  • Create and manage credentials for your team
  • Manually add or remove funds to user wallets
  • Get access to reports on your Slyk
  • Customize look-and-feel of your Slyk across application ecosystem (Future) .
We're constantly adding new features to the dashboard, to allow you full control over your Slyk.